This is a trip to Jhushan from Yuanlin (Taiwan).
We are going to the source of our Bamboo Charcoal that we use to make
Bamboo Charcoal Nano-particles for Eco-fabric.

We passed a beautiful red bridge on our way out of Yuanlin. More road signs to

On our way to Jhushan, we many places selling Bamboo Charcoal There are many beautiful bamboo forest, growing naturally with the use of any pesticides.
4-5 year old Moso Bamboo are selected, and chopped down make Bamboo Charcoal. The bamboo is first smoked dry in a smoking chamber for 24 hours.
The dried bamboo is sent to the carbonizing chamber to be heated at 800 ¢XC for 60 hours, until the bamboo totally carbonized into bamboo charcoal.    

The bamboo charcoal is being cut into smaller pieces for further process. The pieces of bamboo are separated according to different sizes.
Besides using bamboo charcoal for Eco-fiber, bamboo charcoal also can absorb harmful pollutants and kill bacterial in the water making plants grow better.
When used for boiling water and making rice, bamboo charcoal will absorb heavy metals and other harmful chemicals in the water to make it taste better.

Test has shown that for every liter of water, 1 to 2 pieces of bamboo charcoal placed in it for 31 hours or more will make it taste like natural spring water.

Bamboo charcoal can also be placed in vacuum sealed container to remove moisture, odor and harmful pollutants in the air. It is also used to put in rice containers, cookie jars, refrigerators and other food containers. Compared to synthetic chemical agents, bamboo charcoal works as well without harm to the environment.
More pictures from Jhushan.